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Semper Vigiles.....Ever Vigilant




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Resolution Technologies is founded on the premise that The United States and our allies must adopt and use similar tactics and tools as we use in war zones to protect our nation.  

Resolution Technologies believes it is imperative to protect total infrastructure as well as borders.  These objectives will require a combination of “tools and intelligence”.

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The main objective of Resolution Technologies is to analyze all threats and provide comprehensive solutions. Resolution Technologies is comprised of a team of technology experts who provide the experience, the right tools, and the right solution to Homeland Defense.

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blackest_night_green_lantern_49cbr Resolution Technologies will propose the right tools with a powerful integration of assorted technologies combined with proven equipment, training and support, which will improve the effectiveness of our nation’s armed forces, law enforcement, government agencies, security forces and private industry in meeting their mission thresholds and security objectives.

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Together the Resolution Technology partners will focus on providing the most cost-effective options for those agencies and organizations using high-technology solutions to target terrorists and criminals.

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The Resolution Technologies Advantage.
The advantage Resolution Technologies offers its clients:
  • The engineering expertise of Department of Defense professionals.
  • The flexibility of providing the most current cost effective solutions available.
Resolution Technologies team is informed and up to date on the most current high technology solutions available.  Not being “married” to a product or a technique Resolution Technologies is able to provide the best solution to me the criteria of the client




Resolution Technologies
Houston, Texas ● Reston, Virginia

An American Corporation